Both auction quilts are done.  Same pattern, very different quilts!  (The link for the pattern we used is here:)  I thought it was really interesting how the secondary,  diagonal design comes through more with the citrus-colored one than the pind-and-red one.  I also really liked how our quilter, Sonja, rounded the corners on that one. 

The auction is Thursday.  Hoping they bring in a lot of money.  (Or at least what we spent.  Which is always a challenge with quilts, y'know?)

Got this photo yesterday from my internet friend Nancy, who lives outside of Philadephia. 
From Nancy:

    "Here's the quilt I made for a male hospice patient.  The blocks are Civil War
  churn dashes on unbleached muslin.  I tied it.  I loved this quilt
and  like thinking that it is keeping a sick man warm."

This quilt is a great example of using muslin or another light fabric to tie things together.  (Which means it's going on my "color" page, too.)  It's also a fun history quilt, since Churn Dash was a pattern used during the Civil War era. 

Thanks, Nancy!

(If you have a charity quilt you're particularly proud of, PLEASE send me a picture at caritasquilts[at]gmail[dot]com so I can share it!)