This is what I've been playing with this week -- a crumb and string quilt mosaic, original pattern. (Yes, the non-parallel lines are part of the design!  It will look much more pulled-together when it's finished.  I promise!) 

It's been very mindless and tons of fun, especially going through my string/crumb bag and thinking, "Oh, I remember this fabric!  I used it in my daughter's quilt 14 years ago!" 

I'm having to spend today putting borders on one of my quilt show quilts so I can take it to the quilter on Wednesday.  HATE putting on  borders.  I have about six quilt tops that need them, and I keep procrastinating.  I should probably do a border maratho.  You know.  Kind of like the desensitization process for people with phobias.  Because if I made myself do all six quilt borders in one week, I would no longer have border phobia, right?

(Except...  Not gonna happen.  I hate borders.  Have I  mentioned that?)   

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