Near my city, women have been seen sleeping in dumpsters.   Yes, even here, in Seattle's suburbs.

And so Sophia Way was born for this.  I believe it's the Seattle Eastside's first (and I think only?) shelter for single, homeless women. 

They're doing a charity auction this month.  This is one of the two quilts our little quilt group is donating.  I've pieced probably 2/3 of this one, so it kind of feels like my baby.  And now baby is ready to head off to the house of the longarm quilter. 

Pray with me that it will bless Sophia Way and the women they serve.

(The little things in the snowball blocks are jelly beans.)  :-)

Eddie, in western Australia
2/9/2012 02:52:17 am

Can we have the Pattern please??????

12/28/2022 02:23:31 am

Loovely blog you have


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